Tips and Resources to Help Keep Your Nervous System Calm During the Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place Times

Even if you're a nervous system regulation ninja, times like this can get us dysregulated. And the health of our nervous system impacts our patience levels, our anxiety levels, our reactivity, our ability to stay present, our sleep, our productivity...and, because our...

Tips To Calm Your Nervous System “In The Moment”

Bring your attention to your physical sensations in your body Feel the chair under your butt, your feet on the ground. Notice your breath and what it does. Pay attention to sensations in your body - heat, coolness, tingling, tension. Put your attention there. Notice...

How to Make Sure Your Kids FEEL Unconditionally Loved

I know you love your kids. Unconditionally. The real question isn’t whether we love our kids, but rather – do they FEEL loved unconditionally. You may be thinking, “Of course they do!” But so often I find that we make love and acceptance conditional—without even...

15 Tips to Stay Connected to Your Tweens and Teens

The most common theme with my clients who have kids aged 8 and up is their concern that their relationship is changing and their fear that they’ll lose their close connected relationship with their kids as they get older. My experience and research tells me that we...

Why I Ignore My Kids

The other day my son came home from school and I ignored him. Or that’s what it might have looked like. But really, I was connecting on his terms. Read more Expanded Views on Parenting. It kills me a little bit. When my kids come home, I want to check in: “How was...

Who Am I to Tell You How to Parent?

Against my better judgment and intentions, I still jump in with solutions even when I know my kids should figure stuff out on their own. I still give too much advice. Just tonight at bedtime my son told me something and I didn’t handle it the way I wished I would...

How to Respond When Your Kids “Disrespect” You

Is it important to you that your kids have a voice? You know – that they question things, not just take things at face value, and feel like they can stand up for things they believe in? Read more Expanded Views on Parenting. Yea? Me too. It’s actually really important...

How To Raise Kids To Be Prepared For This Wild New World

If we want our kids to be successful, emotionally healthy, and happy in this wild, new world we live in, we need to shift the parenting paradigm. Read more Expanded Views on Parenting Whether you’re looking into the eyes of your new baby, bringing your child to...

How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding to Your Teen

Parents and kids have the ability to trigger each other as no one else can. Read more Expanded Views on Parenting. “You have no idea what a bad day I had…I have no patience for you right now…” “What were you thinking!?!?” “You need to learn a lesson about respect,...

I Screwed Up! Repairing Trust With Your Child

Recently I was triggered and totally reacted to my son in a way I wished I had not. In the midst of my temper tantrum, I noticed his expression and could see that he was really impacted, I could see the sadness in his eyes and the discomfort in his body language. Read...

You are humanity's greatest hope.

Discover Your Path Forward

Welcome! I’m Deb Blum. I help busy parents get super clear on what’s important to them, how they want to parent their children and the impact they want to have on the world…and then map out their path forward to live their lives aligned with that (and to stop thinking it’s not enough).

Life’s longing for your voice, your opinions, your unique perspective, and your gifts – without you showing up as you, we’re all missing out.

You Matter.

I want you to get it deep in your soul that:

  • You aren’t as alone as you feel
  • You being you and you healing yourself is radical activism
  • Raising a child is the most sacred work you can do and LITERALLY is creating the future of humanity
  • Publicly living the life you’re meant to live rather than the life that you feel like you’re “supposed to be living” is an act of bravery and the path to true satisfaction and joy
  • Transformation happens when we take the tiny courageous steps on an intentional path rather than living our lives on our ego’s autopilot

You’ve been hiding and playing small for way too long.


What’s Your Destination?

Expand Your Vision and Clarify What You Really Want 

Map Out Your Path

Focus Your Action, Align to Your Life, and Create a Plan 

Start Your Adventure

Take Tiny Courageous Action to Do What You Really Want to Do. Let’s Get Started! →

A life not wasted

I believe that doing our inner healing work is the ultimate form of activism.

Sometimes living the life we’re meant to live is the exact opposite of what we’re told to do – it’s going against the grain – and it’s unique to us.

I want everyone to realize that they’re loved for who they are and not what they do.

Underneath the facade of having it all together, I found the real me: where I discovered my gifts, my voice, and my truth.

I finally stopped trying to be everything to everyone and decided to simply be me.

Are you ready to become an #insideoutactivist?

Meet Deb

I’m a certified health, life and parent coach. I’ve been working with moms for 8+ years helping them navigate their marriages, parenting, transitions, new businesses and much more. I’ve owned my own coaching and consulting business since 2002.

For over 10 years I worked full time as a technology and business consultant or director of IT strategy. For the following 18 years, I’ve been a consultant working on discrete projects.  I’m a seasoned project manager and strategic planner working on all sized projects and initiatives for solo business owners to large corporations.

Attention Parents!

The Parenting 3.0 Show Podcast

All parents, and kids, want and need to feel close and connected. And for good reason – securely attached kids are more likely to develop healthy self-esteem, show greater resilience and achieve greater emotional regulation. Parenting 3.0 is an integrated parenting framework designed to support you to be the most competent, effective parent you can be. It offers a new parenting story that will awaken and empower your natural parenting instincts so you can confidently navigate the inevitable challenges that arise in raising children.

Looking for community?

Inside-Out Activists

This is a place for a free thinkers. People who are wondering and curious, seeing nuances and noticing what’s missing from the conversation, questioning what’s being said and seeking the truth. We simply don’t want to be put in a box. We’re “unpinnable”. But the challenge is, humans crave to fit in and belong to a group. So this is THAT group- the group of trailblazers who are unpinnable…don’t fit into a box and who want to share their own perspective, how THEY see the world. Not because they seek to be RIGHT, rather to consciously & kindly participate in the conversation and expand the discussion in pursuit of new solutions and answers (and because we love it!). And people who are willing to change their minds because they learn more.

“Deb’s is by far the best all-around advice I’ve ever received.”

I’ve had a lot of counseling, personal coaching, and nutritional consulting in my life and Deb’s is by far the best all-round advice I’ve ever received. Deb touches on all these aspects plus she adds the spiritual component so I find it helpful on so many levels. I eagerly await my next session.

Jen Lanciault, Certified Yoga Instructor

“She has helped me to transform my life. I am more happy and at peace.”

I’ve only been seeing Deb for a few months now, but she has really helped to transform my life. I was in a slump personally and professionally, and I am now more motivated in my business and more happy and at peace in my personal life. Deb has helped me focus on what’s important and to accept what is. Every time I leave her office, I feel lighter and content. She has such a warm and caring way in her approach, and I would highly recommend her.

Lynn Werner

“Deb can really help you discover and create what you want most in your life.”

I felt very ‘at ease’ to work with Deb – she is so genuine and authentic and anyone would feel so welcome around her. During our work together, I moved forward in my business start up. With Deb’s guidance I hired a website designer and tapped into many resources that Deb referred me to to help me set a firm foundation to start my business. I truly enjoyed Deb’s abundance of wisdom, resources and, most of all, her compassion. We used a tool called Basecamp that was really helpful – I could look back at what we discussed in our session if I forgot and it kept me on track towards my goals. I would absolutely recommend Deb to my mom friends who are needing some support, women entrepreneurs starting a business or anyone who just wanted a new career and was not sure where to start. Deb can really help you discover and create what you want most in your life!

Heather Heselton

“I definitely feel that my stress level has declined considerably from where it was a year ago…I am kinder to myself and making more time for myself.”

Deb’s style is very gentle, supportive and warm. She is terrific at breaking the challenges down into bite-size pieces and offering suggestions to overcome challenges. Many times making change feels so overwhelming that many of us just back away from making the change. Instead, she has an ability to help the person with baby steps that make challenges seems manageable. I feel I have grown in my ability to manage a number of factors in my life. I definitely feel that my stress level has declined considerably from where it was a year ago and I believe the work I have done with Deb has greatly contributed toward that. I have noticed that I am “kinder” to myself and making more time for myself. I would definitely say that I feel more peaceful generally.

A Working Mom of Two Tween Boys

Trusted Consultant To Businesses & Startups Including:


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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