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Here are some free resources I've created for you! Click each image to check it out!

Aging Rebels Facebook Group

This space is for women who want to love their aging self, make lifestyle choices that support holistic and sustainable health and well-being, and make the 40s and beyond the best years of their life! “The body says: I am a fiesta." - Eduardo Galeano

My YouTube Channel

On my YouTube channel, I explore life, parenting, relationships, ourselves, the nervous system, aging, leadership and more... through the lens of self-love, authenticity and shadow integration.

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The Parenting 3.0 Podcast Show

Join Jai Flicker and Deb Blum as we help re-awaken your natural parenting instincts and support you in raising emotionally healthy kids. We bring together wisdom from the past and scientific and psychological research from the present to support you in your parenting journey.

The Trigger Trail Buddy PDF + Meditation

Grab this (FREE) proven process to use to help you calm down after you're triggered and then mine your trigger for self-love treasures AFTER you feel calm enough to do some inner exploration. You get to find places inside you that need your love and become less easily triggered, too!

Educational and Inspirational Articles

Over the past decade, I've written articles, blog posts and shared excerpts from my journal here on my blog. Grab your favorite drink, settle into a comfortable chair and read a little bit about the inner journey, my personal path and how to love ourselves more! 

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