Let Me Show You How To Love Yourself More

So often people throw around the word self-love but don't really even know what the heck it is! I make the self-love journey accessible and get-able by making it personal and truly unique to YOU!  

The Self-Love Trail Guide may include:

Where Are You Services (1)Step-by-step guidance to point you toward specific things you can shift or do to actually love yourself more.

Where Are You Services (1)Awareness of parts of you that may need some love, your very own self-love goals, a daily "map" with personalized reminders.

Where Are You Services (1)Specific-to-you mantras, affirmations, phrases, questions, journal prompts, book suggestions and more!

Let's Do It!

The Self-Love Trail Guide Process

The Three Steps to Get Your Personalized Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Authentically

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(1) Complete the Trigger Trail Buddy Worksheet

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Take something that's irritating or frustrating (or even triggering) you and go through the 3 journal pages. Then, type those results into the google form (I'll send a link to you). Before we meet, I'll review that!

(2) 30-Minute 1:1 Session with Me

I'll Email You a Scheduling Link!

After you complete the Trigger Trail Buddy and send me your journal entries, we'll meet for a powerful and insightful session. I'll listen closely to you and ask questions that get to the heart of what you most need.

(3) Get Your Personalized Self-Love Trail Guide

I'll Send It To You Soon After We Meet!

I'll get to work creating your personalized Self-Love Trail Guide that will become your self-love bible for the next year - everything you need to know to love yourself more, live your life true to yourself & find inner peace.

Where Are You Services (1)Let me show you how you can go from bewildered about how to love yourself to having a clear and personalized map. A map to guide you from feeling like you're never doing enough and there's always pressure to do more and better to a thriving, empowered, confident woman feeling a sense of inner peace and good enough-ness.


Small Arrow Services PageNot only will you get a 1:1 session with me, but you'll also walk away with a clear (and beautiful) plan to start reconnecting with your most authentic self and learning to love yourself fully.

What may happen when you prioritize self-love?

  • Find your calm, confident center in the midst of chaos​
  • Source your happiness from inside, rather than from other people or circumstances
  • Streamline your commitments, so you have more energy and joy
  • Ask for what you need and say no with less guilt
  • Release the need to be constantly busy and “productive”
  • Become a little less intense and more playful and fun

And so much more. 

More love, more deep friendships, more integrity, more excitement, more control over your life, and more peace.

Does that get you a little bit excited?

Yes, Let's Do It!

Hi! I'm Deb and I firmly believe that we can all learn how to love ourselves more and that, when we do, life gets better and easier.

I'm a Self-Love and Authenticity Coach and I'm positive that we women who tend to do so much, always pushing harder and wanting to do better need a healthy dose of self-love and permission to accept ourselves as we are. 

I think that the right ratio between self-improvement and self-acceptance ought to be 1:2. We think we need to improve, but actually what most of us really need is to accept ourselves, love ourselves and be waaaayyy more kind and loving toward ourselves.

Here's the thing - one of the most common things I hear when I tell them I'm a Self-Love and Authenticity Coach is "how does someone start loving themselves, like what are the practical steps?"

I get it. It's taken me almost a decade to figure this out.

That's why I created this. When you share a bit about yourself as it relates to a specific challenge, frustration or trigger in your life, I'll extract the practical and unique-to-you steps for you to love yourself and live your life more true to yourself.

You'll walk away with a personalized, beautiful and actionable guide to help you create a self-love lifestyle.

If you have a question, feel free to send me a quick message.

With love,

Deb Blum Signature

PS Here's that link to get started.

Deb Blum

Testimonials About the Self-Love Trail Guide

  • Deb Blum

    “On my call with Deb, to create my Self-Love Trail Guide, she held space as I broke down not only about the things I was wanting to change (how I was responding to triggers) but also to the very real challenges and grief I was going through. It helped me to understand that I was deep within one of the more challenging moments in my life, and expecting myself to be perfect as I navigated that wasn't doing me or anyone around me any favors. Deb offered insight into things that may be going on with my parenting challenges, without making me feel like I was a "bad mom" (one of my biggest worries) and gave me so much to consider, in a way that left me feeling hopeful and encouraged. ”

    About the Self-Love Trail Guide Session

  • Deb Blum

    “After our 30-minute coaching session, Deb created a powerful self-love trail map for me with mantras and a daily self-love action plan that I've been using regularly to help me reframe my critical voices, prioritize caring for myself, and actually has helped in my work productivity too. I highly recommend this whole process of identifying triggers and creating a self-love trail guide to help you heal inner child wounds and find ways to gently incorporate more self-love into your life.”

    About the Self-Love Trail Guide

  • Deb Blum

    “After going through the Trigger Trail Buddy worksheet, I was able to further this healing work through a coaching session with Deb where she asked me thoughtful and intuitive questions that helped me reflect on ways I can integrate more self-love and healing work into my daily life.”

    About the Self-Love Trail Guide Session

  • Deb Blum

    “The Self-Love Trail Guide Deb created, especially for me, could not have been more perfect. It was so customized, with mantras that fit my specific struggles, things I could do to further my journey, that I could choose from depending on the time and space I had available, without feeling like just another long bunch of items to add to my to-do list, and guidance for the shadow work that would be specific to the pieces about me that I judge the most. This wasn't generic work on the things that most people feel bad about, this was geared specifically towards the fears and judgements that I had spoken about on the call, and how I could start to work with these pieces of myself. In digging into this work, I have been really experiencing big shifts in my overall level of acceptance for myself, which until I started experiencing, I didn't realize how much of my life it was impacting, from judging myself for the way I ate, if I had coffee each day, how many hours I was on my phone, if I was getting enough work done each day, etc. It is disheartening to realizing how much my lack of acceptance was seeping into every area of my life, but the flip side of that is that now that I've been doing this work with Deb, and feeling a bit more self-love and compassion, I am also seeing it start to have an impact that is making its way into all areas. I couldn't be more grateful for the way this work is affecting me and my life.”

    About the Self-Love Trail Guide