Avoiding conversations. Spending way too much money to launch your dream and getting nowhere. Losing it with your kids. Feeling not good enough, smart enough, capable enough. Snapping at your spouse. Questioning if you're cut out for your job. Second-guessing every decision. Lying in bed feeling guilty. Beating yourself up for still not being perfect...

Small Arrow Services PageWe're DONE with that.

There IS another way. 


Advanced shadow integration coaching for wholeness warriors

At the root of each of these is self-rejection. We're going to explore inside of you to reveal the part that's calling out to be seen, accepted and integrated into the whole of you.

No more spin cycle. No more brutal inner critic. No more repeating patterns forever. No more playing small. It's time for way more vitality, confidence and inner peace.

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Use your reactivity as a trailhead to inner peace and more self-love.

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Woman Climbing HER Mountain

As a success partner for courageous explorers, I've guided hundreds of women up their own personal mountains to step fully into who they are and create lives that are true to themselves.

Because everything from parenting success to effective leadership to business prosperity relies on one important thing: Your readiness to show up for the richness of life by being the most YOU you can be.

When you know you need some help to get where you want to go before running out of daylight...

... bring me in.

I’m here to take you on guided adventures to explore new solutions, map the steps ahead for your own personal journey and help you turn obstacles into pathways.

Where are you on your self-love journey?

Where Are You Services (1)You are here: Pouring from an empty vessel 

You’re ready to make changes to live authentically, to care for yourself more deeply, and to show up as the woman you’re meant to be. But you need accountability and support to keep self-love on top of your to-do list.

Services Arrow (1)Self-Love Basecamp

Join our virtual campfire circle where we share wisdom and support as we work to prioritize ourselves, love all our parts and live authentically.

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Where Are You Services (1)You are here: Sick of feeling triggered

Feeling triggered and need a spot-coaching session to get to the bottom of it? Rather than trying to use will power to stop feeling triggered, we dig deep and look at root causes and you walk way with a detailed plan to use that trigger to find self-love treasures.

Services Arrow (1)The Self-Love Trail Guide

  • One 1:1 call in which we use the trigger as a trailhead to explore the parts it's protecting.
  • Receive a personalized self-love trail guide with clear suggestions for new self-loving ways to navigate your life.

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Where Are You Services (1)You are here: Ready for deep inner work

You’re an experienced climber, but you haven’t fully explored the shadow side of your mountain and know you need a guide. Together, we’ll explore the dark places you may not have been able to reach on your own so you can finally stop the reactions and behaviors keeping you from living your best life. This is for you if you’re ready for radical realness, radical wholeness, and radical authenticity.

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Courage to Climb 1:1 Coaching

  • 3 hours of 1:1 coaching/month
  • In-between-call access 
  • Includes Basecamp Membership
  • 6 month commitment recommended

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Where Are You Services (1)You are here: Leading with your whole self

You are the type of person who doesn’t settle for good enough. You know you can always be better, learn more, make your rough edges softer. You may not have to do as much healing work, but you want to stand fully in your power when handling conflict and react with consciousness, clarity, calm and integrity even when triggered. You’re here so you can lead with your whole self. Push your edges to lead from a place of loving integrity.

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High Altitude 1:1 Coaching

  • 3 hours of 1:1 coaching/month
  • In-between-call access 
  • 6 month commitment recommended

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Ready to End the React-Regret-Repeat Cycle when It Comes to Your Triggers?

Grab this proven guide designed to get you out of this cycle by USING your triggers and reactivity (instead of them using you)!