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Self-Care Lifestyle Talk

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"You were fantastic and I was so pleased with how the evening turned out. Your content was excellent and you are so warm and engaging. So proud to have brought you to Brandeis! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with our community - I look forward to working together in a variety of ways in the future."

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For the past decade, Deb Blum has helped women tap into fierce joy, unstoppable resilience, and vibrant purpose through self-love. Self-love isn’t selfish. It’s actually the path to becoming truly self-less, because only when our needs are met can we greet the world with true generosity and deep empathy. Using reparenting, shadow integration, intuition and compassion, Deb helps women break the patterns holding them back so they can set healthy boundaries, expand their possibilities, and be the women who can do, be, and have anything they want.

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Longer Professional Bio

Deb Blum is a Self-Love + Authenticity Coach and Wholeness Warrior on a mission to help women finally prioritize themselves, take radical responsibility for their own happiness, and greet every part of themselves with acceptance, and yes - love! Deb is a wayfinder for women who struggle with overwhelm and overgiving, who put everyone else’s needs before their own, and who look like they’ve got it together (while they’re falling apart inside). 

A true believer that inner work is the path to happiness, fulfillment and purpose, Deb’s work is to guide women back to themselves. 

In her former career as a corporate consultant, Deb found she had a gift for seeing the big picture, the end goal, and all the steps in between. Now she uses those gifts to help women open up fresh vistas of possibilities, and show them how to get there by living authentically. 

The world tells women a million ways they need to change. Deb believes that when women live on their own terms, they can change the world. 

Deb Blum is a Certified Global Sisterhood facilitator, self-love and authenticity coach, founder of the Self-Love Basecamp membership program, YouTube show host, and the co-host of the Parenting 3.0 Podcast. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband of 19 years and two teenage sons.

If you’d like company on the journey back home to yourself, you can find Deb at www.debblum.com

Training & Education

  • Certified Global Sisterhood Circle Facilitator 8-Week Training with Global Sisterhood 2020
  • Compassionate Inquiry 8-Month Program with Dr. Gabor Mate 2019
  • Conscious Healing 8-Week Program with Thomas Hubl 2018
  • Year of Manifestation with Dr. Shefali Tsabary 2018
  • Year of the Awakened Heart with Dr. Shefali Tsabary 2017
  • Conscious Parenting Coach at The Jai Institute 2017
  • 12-Week Nervous System Rewire with Irene Lyon 2015-present
  • Online Marketing at Marie Forleo's B-School 2012
  • Life Coach 10-Month Program at Interchange Counseling Institute 2012 
  • Certified Health Coach at Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2011
  • BS in Business Administration, University of Connecticut 1992