It's never too late to turn things around! And you're not a bad person for getting triggered -- you just need more tools and support. And to understand WHY you get triggered!

I want to give you the step-by-step process I've used to go from an overwhelmed ticking time bomb stuck in survival mode to a thriving, empowered and confident person who rarely gets triggered. 

Do you want to...
  • Naturally become less and less likely to lash out at your loved ones?

  • Develop a sense of calm even in situations that would typically have caused your temper to boil over?

  • Feel more proud of how you handle yourself in challenging moments?

What can you expect?

Copy of SQUARE Trigger Trail Buddy ImageA 14-page workbook that includes three inquiry pages that focus on the precise questions that'll help you to reveal and heal the root causes of those pesky triggers. Even 10 minutes will provide you insights!

1st BONUS: "You've Just Been Triggered" Short Guided Meditation for the moment you realize you're triggered to guide you from triggered to calm. One person said that listening to this "felt like the warmest, most loving hug".

2nd BONUS: "Integration" Guided Meditation to help you slow down as you integrate your feelings that come up while going through this process.

Learn this process and it's your ticket to:

  • Get out of the react-regret-repeat cycle by USING your triggers and reactivity instead of them using (and abusing) you.
  • Finally heal the root of what pushes your buttons and gets you so upset. 
  • Experience less shame around being triggered as you realize that triggers are completely NORMAL and are actually the trailheads that point you to increased inner peace and self-love
  • Feel more calm and confident in the face of eye rolling teens, tantruming toddlers, unhelpful partners and frustrating situations!

I soooo know what it's like to get triggered and then hate how I feel after I react!

When you take the time AFTER you've been in the grips of a trigger to understand and explore what happened using the Trigger Trail Buddy, you'll find that you're spending less time feeling bad about yourself, apologizing to others and beating yourself up.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." - Viktor Frankl

Why should you trust me? I've been there myself...

Hi! I'm Deb and I firmly believe that triggers are not just here to torture us and leave us feeling regretful and guilt-ridden.

I'm a Self-Love and Authenticity Coach and I'm positive that not only do your triggers serve a purpose as you learn to love yourself more and live your life more true to yourself, but ALSO, that if you spend the time to unpack your triggers, you'll stop the react-regret-repeat cycle.

You heard that right - you actually DO have the power to be triggered less AND find more inner peace, happiness and connection with your loved ones. 

Let's stop letting our trickster egos run our lives and, instead, turn things around and use our ego's reactivity to create the life we are meant to be living! Using the Trigger Trail Buddy is the first step on that journey. This is the process that I have used for years to unpack my own triggers.

And did I tell you that I actually give you permission to be triggered? Yep, you need to get triggered in order to USE those triggers to discover self-love treasures. No shame, sister - we all get triggered. It's what you DO with those triggers that matters!

Now grab the guide and I'll show you how!

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Deb Blum

Feedback on the Trigger Trail Buddy Experience

  • Deb Blum

    “This worksheet is a fully comprehensive guide through triggers and what we need to know about them. I admit, it can feel daunting to go through, especially if you feel like you are being triggered often and don't have time to sit down for every trigger to dissect the whole experience, but my triggers were getting to a point where I was in a cycle of really regretting my reactions, and kind of hating myself as a mom, and so I knew I needed to be willing to put in some effort if I wanted to break that cycle. It honestly only took going through the worksheet a couple times regarding the incidents that I felt terribly ashamed of how I reacted before I started to understand the process and how it could really transform my explosive reactions at the root of the issue. Through this process, I've been able to have more grace for my challenging moments, and understand what went into the moments where the triggers got the best of me, and this has allowed me to start to shift the moments that lead to the triggers so that just a few weeks in, I am witnessing far less moments that I have to apologize for, and for that, I am so grateful to Deb. I'm starting to feel like the mom I want to be again.”

  • Deb Blum

    “This is really powerful Deb. Every time I sit down to think about childhood wounds, I have a mental block, tell myself I don't really have much to process and don't have many early childhood memories but these questions really helped me dig up the wounds that I'd buried.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Wow! This was a very revealing experience. I feel more resilient & encouraged to speak up for myself & more confident about setting boundaries. ”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb created this incredibly powerful 'Trigger Trail Buddy' process to help understand the feelings and hurt behind something that triggers us and then do our own inner child self-healing around this trigger. Her questions literally transported me back to my childhood and helped me do some very important healing around my inner child wounding from that time in my life. ”

  • Deb Blum

    “After doing this I felt satisfied! Relieved! I feel in control of something that felt very out of my control when I was young. This felt really amazing!”

  • Deb Blum

    “Sometimes I don't want to take control and want to stay stuck because I learned to be powerless in these situations. Now I feel more empowered to take back my power and realize triggers show and teach me things. I want to get in a habit of bringing more and more triggers through this process. ”