Thanksgiving Meditation

On this day of gratitude in the US, I'd like to offer this meditation to you. Enjoy!

The Void Left When My Kid Went To College

The house feels different, it’s not exactly a “missing him” feeling. It’s more like something feels off. It’s right in many ways. The 18 years of nurturing and preparing, the launch into the world is predictable, bittersweet. It’s developmentally spot on. It’s that time.

What it Takes to Go From Exhausted to Enlivened

Keeping up a personal is exhausting…being the real you is enlivening!

What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

When I have a chance to actually discuss the topic with clients, it is very simple to explain my view of spirituality, understand my clients’ perspective, and come to a common ground semantically (and often philosophically). I notice I regularly attract people who...

Smoothie Recipes

“Introduction to Green Smoothies” Smoothies ~ Perfect for Kids, Created by my Kids! The Bodie-O Berry Mix Yields: 18-20 oz. 1 Banana 1.5 cups of Mixed Frozen Berries (Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries) 1 cup of Orange or Tangerine Juice 3/4 Cup...

You Are Always In Choice ~ The Power of Paradox

We are inundated with choices. We worry that people will judge us for our choices. We fear that we will make the wrong choice and be disappointed. When we make a choice, we experience loss – loss of that which we did not choose. Every day, we have to choose which...

Time, The Great Equalizer

I suspect that almost everyone feels that there is just not enough time in the day. So much to do, so little time. We are chronically feeling pulled in too many directions and feeling that it is impossible to live in this very moment, when this moment is really all we...

Meditation…are you curious?

Meditation has been repeatedly proven to reduce stress levels, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen your immune system, relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, improve memory and decision making, and maybe even slow aging! And there is...

Breathing Exercise

Inspiration in Action by Deb Blum Inspiration: Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~The Teaching of Buddhist Master Action: Breathing exercises can reduce stress, increase energy, and...

Happiness is an Inside Job

Inspiration in Action by Deb Blum Inspiration: Instead of seeking outside of ourselves, we need to go to the source and realize who we really are. ~Deepak Chopra’s 8-Week Happiness Series (Week 3, Authentic Self-Esteem) Action: Ask yourself: “What void is so big in my...

You are humanity's greatest hope.

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Making the decision to get a tattoo took a looooong time. My fear of being judged got in my way for years.

[To see my path to actually getting my first tattoo and my tips for getting past the judgment that holds us back, read this: Stop Letting Fear of Being Judged Make You Boring].

When I got my tattoo, I had to get past what my mom thought, what my husband preferred, what my kids said, what other moms in my community might say. I had to get past the fear inside of me that somebody wouldn’t like me or think that I was “acceptable.” I had to stand in my own truth. I did this for me. And I learned something else from this decision.

I learned to love myself more. I learned to show myself that love.

Taking the step to get a tattoo was a sign of self-love. It meant I cared enough to listen to my own voice. It meant that I loved myself enough to be who I am even though it left me feeling vulnerable. And it made me literally, physically take care of myself.

These are the instructions that came with my tattoo:

  • Wash tattoo with soft with mild soap three times a day.
  • Pat dry gently.
  • Repeat for four days.

By the second day, I found myself feeling actual loving feelings towards my tattoo. And towards my leg. This was foreign to me. I was sort of shocked by these feelings welling up inside of me. It opened up the possibility that I could love my body in a new way, that I could love myself in a more tangible way.

This sweet act of self-love towards my tattoo, that loving act that I had to do to take care of this new part of me, inspired me to want to prioritize more ritual self-loving acts towards myself. I wanted to do more simple things like:

My Tattoo

My Tattoo

  • having more intention around taking care of myself when I shower
  • turning off my phone and listening for the quiet voice of truth inside me
  • noticing what I put in my body (even savoring it!) instead of eating mindlessly
  • slowing down and enjoying the feeling of rubbing lotion into my dry hands
  • remind myself when I exercise that this is me loving my body as the temple it is

How can you translate each act of self-care into a truly loving act towards yourself?

The thing about taking care of my tattoo for those first few days is that I had to treat myself tenderly, gently—it’s right there in the instructions. I had to make time to take care of my body. I chose to take time to care for this symbol that reminded me on different levels that I was being true to myself, choosing me over pleasing others. I was actively caring for myself—body and spirit.

If self-care keeps leaving you wanting more, you may really be looking for self-love. Self-love is more intentional. It goes deeper. Self-love actually heals us on a cellular and soul level. And while there are no self-love quick fixes, there are ways to start loving yourself more and showing yourself that love every day.

Curious about how you could learn to love yourself? Let’s jump on a quick call together!


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